Paulo Vieira

Paulo Vieira

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First Name * Paulo
Last Name * Vieira
Username * Buscarov
Country * Portugal
City Funchal
Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese





Buscarov starts a new stage of his amazing life, now in the real world. Born in the year of 1981, in an island lost the Atlantic Ocean, in the 23 of June. Since then, this day has been celebrated all over the world, being the twenty-third day of that month.

He learned how to be a human, living in the reality, and forgot that he once was a comic book hero. However, that feeling of wanting to save the world from the evil, has never been forgotten, and in 1999 he decides to join the Design course at The University of Madeira, and swears to destroy all the pictorial arrogance and all the boring creations of non-creators.

The now known Paulo Vieira, thirsty for victory, in 2002 decides to work as a designer for the Siram group, a year later, now with the necessary weapons to definitively destroy is enemy, joins Meio – Publicidade e Marketing, Lda, where he evolves is weapons of illustration and web-design. Considered by many, as a real utopian teller, Paulo delights his countrymen with the most diverse illustrations. Many say that this grey island has become more colorful and all want a piece of his magic.

Buscarov, a.k.a. Paulo Vieira, remains at that lost island where his fight is almost ending, preparing to leap into new challenges, new wars, new continents...


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
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